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  • Upcoming collaborations

    The 2015/2016 concert season is fast approaching, and with it come several exciting new collaborations for Architek. We are excited to announce new commissions from Canadian composers Luke Nickel and Michael Oesterle. Oesterle is composing a new work for double percussion quartet which will be premiered by Architek and TorQ Percussion in Montreal and Toronto in October 2015. Also on this program will be new arrangements of works by Tim Brady and John Psathas. In January 2016, Architek joins forces with Viva Voce, Montreal's preeminent chamber choir, to premiere new works by Luke Nickel and Brian Cherney.

    In addition to these collaborations, Architek embarks on its first tour with the Conseil des Arts de Montreal, visiting 7 boroughs across the island to perform the Blips and Beats program. For more information, please visit the CAM tab in the site menu.