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  • May update

    Architek Percussion has recently been busy on a variety of different projects. At the beginning of April the quartet was in Winnipeg MB to take part in the Cluster Festival for New Music and Integrated Arts, performing new works by Fredrik Gran, Myriam Bleau, and Fjola Evans, and venerable classics by Eliot Britton and Fredrik Gran. The Cluster Festival is an event not to be missed if you find yourself in Winnipeg during its yearly tenure. Late April brought upon a collaboration with composer Taylor Brook and violinist Mira Benjamin, where we performed works for violin and percussion quartet at Montreal's Sala Rossa. Early May found us in Toronto, performing at the Music Gallery in their Emergents Series, where we reproduced new works by Evans and Brook, as well as a sneak preview of our collaboration with Adam Basanta which receives its full premiere in Montreal on June 18, presented by Codes D'Acces and Suoni Per il Popolo. Below you'll find photos of us performing Taylor Brook's Incantation in Montreal, and Fjola Evan's Please Rate the Success of this Call in Toronto, as well as experimenting on the Reactable with Fredrik Gran in Winnipeg.