• Noam Bierstone

    Architek is happy to announce the addition of our newest member, Noam Bierstone. This is a homecoming of sorts, as Noam was a founding member of Architek before pursuing graduate studies in Paris. Now returned to Montreal, he has established himself as a virtuosic and forward-thinking member of the experimental music community, performing with a variety of organizations and co-curating a concert series called No Hay Banda. Read his full (short) bio below, and come say hi and give him a welcome hug or high five at an Archi-concert near you.

    Noam Bierstone is a Canadian percussionist and curator dedicated to modern artistic performance. Committed to the creation and development of new music, Noam’s main projects include his saxophone & percussion duo scapegoat, the Montreal performance series NO HAY BANDA, and Architek percussion quartet. Noam pursues ongoing collaborations with various composers and artists, with a particular interest in works that expand the notion of percussion playing through new techniques, hybrid instruments, and performer-controlled electronics. Noam is regularly invited to perform at international festivals and with leading new music groups, and in his spare time he enjoys cooking, biking, and doing yoga. 

  • Albums in 2017

    Architek Percussion will be featured on two recordings being released this coming year. The first is Eliot Britton's Metatron, to be released on the Ambiences Magnetiques label in February 2017. We have had a long and productive working relationship with Eliot, who has composed three pieces which are in our regular repertoire, among them Metatron: a five-movement, 35 minute virtuoso work for percussion quartet/sextet, handheld electronics, analog synth, and tape. Metatron received its premiere in Montreal in 2014. Britton is a newly-appointed professor of composition and electroacoustic music at the University of Toronto after having completed his PhD at McGill, which is where we started working with him.

    The second album will be released in late 2017, and is Architek Percussion's debut full-length release. The album is called The Privacy of Domestic Life, and features a 30 minute work of the same name by Montreal composer and sound artist Adam Basanta. Adam is another composer with whom we've worked over the past few years and gotten to know in Montreal, and in June 2015 we premiered The Privacy of Domestic Life in Montreal in partnership with Codes D'Acces, Suoni Per Il Popolo, and the Montreal Contemporary Music Lab. Also included on this album are works by Taylor Brook, Duncan Schouten, and Beavan Flanagan, each of which we have enjoyed performing over our five years together as a quartet. The recording of the Privacy of Domestic Life is being supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, and the album will be released on the Centrediscs label.


  • Europe 2016

    August 2016 brought us to Europe for the first time as a quartet. With the tireless support of Mira Benjamin and Stine Sorlie of Nu:Nord and the dedicated team at NyMusikks Komponistgruppe, we toured the UK and Norway, performing concerts in Huddersfield, London, Oslo, and Bergen. We performed repertoire by Adam Basanta (CA), Caterhine Kontz (UK/Luxembourg), Stephen Harvey (UK), Peter Edwards (NO), Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad (NO), Hugo Harmens (NO), and Stine Sorlie (NO). In Norway we also collaborated with SISU Percussion and Melis Jaatinen, mezzo-soprano. SISU's beautiful studio in the hills overlooking Oslo provided the perfect backdrop for working with these artists, and our collborations were rewarding experiences. Of course, none of this touring could have happened without the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts touring grant for musicians.

    PHOTO: Simon Mitternacht

  • Upcoming collaborations

    The 2015/2016 concert season is fast approaching, and with it come several exciting new collaborations for Architek. We are excited to announce new commissions from Canadian composers Luke Nickel and Michael Oesterle. Oesterle is composing a new work for double percussion quartet which will be premiered by Architek and TorQ Percussion in Montreal and Toronto in October 2015. Also on this program will be new arrangements of works by Tim Brady and John Psathas. In January 2016, Architek joins forces with Viva Voce, Montreal's preeminent chamber choir, to premiere new works by Luke Nickel and Brian Cherney.

    In addition to these collaborations, Architek embarks on its first tour with the Conseil des Arts de Montreal, visiting 7 boroughs across the island to perform the Blips and Beats program. For more information, please visit the CAM tab in the site menu.

  • May update

    Architek Percussion has recently been busy on a variety of different projects. At the beginning of April the quartet was in Winnipeg MB to take part in the Cluster Festival for New Music and Integrated Arts, performing new works by Fredrik Gran, Myriam Bleau, and Fjola Evans, and venerable classics by Eliot Britton and Fredrik Gran. The Cluster Festival is an event not to be missed if you find yourself in Winnipeg during its yearly tenure. Late April brought upon a collaboration with composer Taylor Brook and violinist Mira Benjamin, where we performed works for violin and percussion quartet at Montreal's Sala Rossa. Early May found us in Toronto, performing at the Music Gallery in their Emergents Series, where we reproduced new works by Evans and Brook, as well as a sneak preview of our collaboration with Adam Basanta which receives its full premiere in Montreal on June 18, presented by Codes D'Acces and Suoni Per il Popolo. Below you'll find photos of us performing Taylor Brook's Incantation in Montreal, and Fjola Evan's Please Rate the Success of this Call in Toronto, as well as experimenting on the Reactable with Fredrik Gran in Winnipeg.

  • Recording projects

    Two recording projects to tell you about:

    1) Centrediscs recently released a new album of music by Nicole Lizée called Bookburners, on which Architek appears as guests. Our very own Ben Reimer is heading to Toronto to perform at the release event on December 12. The album can be purchased on iTunes and at on the CMC website.

    2) We are heading into the studio next week to record with saxophonist/improvisor Jason Sharp for his upcoming album. We are recording his piece Ses Muscles (for vocalizing percussion and feedback), which he wrote for us to perform at the 2014 Cluster Festival in Winnipeg MB. No word on the release details yet.

  • PASIC & 2015

    Architek Percussion is heading to the PASIC (Percussive Arts Society International Convention) to perform James O'Callaghan's Spinefold; Opinions. PASIC is the largest worldwide gathering of percussionists, so we're really looking forward to this performance. Following PASIC, we get right to work developing some new projects for early 2015. Details can be found here, and on our facebook page.

  • June happenings

    Architek Percussion is back at it in June with a variety of activities to close out the 2013/2014 year.  First, the quartet heads into the studio to record Nicole Lizée's Son of the Man with the Golden Arms.  This recording will appear on a new album of Lizée's work, set to be released by Centrediscs.  Then, Architek appears as guest artists at the 2014 Montreal Contemporary Music Lab, performing and giving a workshop.  Details can be found here.

  • Zig Bang

    "Z Mix", by Hugo HARMENS (based on "Mix" by Georges APERGHIS)