Concert Programs


Featuring repertoire composed for or inspired by the drumset, Blips and Beats explores a world where rhythm is king. This program showcases works that groove in unconventional ways, exploiting the vast possibilities of four drumsets alongside one another. Experience the dramatic juxtaposition of grooves moving in different tempi, drummers shifting into and out of phase with each other, and the excitement of dense rhythmic counterpoint. Includes works by Dennis DESANTIS, Andy PAPE, Julia WOLFE, Duncan SCHOUTEN, and Beavan FLANAGAN. 


This diverse program for mallet instruments draws its inspiration from video game music, mass transportation, flamenco music, electronica, the Russian choral tradition, and middle eastern music. Featuring repertoire from three continents, this program showcases subtle nuance not commonly associated with percussion playing, and highlights Architek’s skill as arrangers and composers in their own right. Includes works by Eliot BRITTON, Aurel HOLLO, Christos HATZIS, Ben DUINKER, Nico MUHLY, and John PSATHAS.



In the Meaning of a Format, works by Eliot BRITTON and Adam BASANTA find novel and expressive ways to integrate recorded sound from varietal sources (Tin Pan Alley records, household appliances, and software such as Skype) with percussion instruments and consumer electronics (synthesizers, radios, vintage lamps, and hand-held drum machines). The resulting kaleidoscopic tapestry blurs the boundaries between human and machine, popular and avant-garde, timbre and pitch, and analog and digital. The music comprising this program has been recorded and released on the DAME/Ambiances Magnetiques and Centrediscs labels.


This program focuses on the relationship between sound and speech. The repertoire both consists of and is inspired by Zig Bang, a book of texts by Greek/French composer Georges Aperghis. While these texts are not necessarily designed as prose, they are eloquently constructed, humorous, and unmistakably musical. Interpretations of the texts use speech as an expressive and versatile artistic medium, relying on its raw components such as syllable, repetition, stanza, and inflection. With meaning removed, the act of spoken word becomes a percussive activity; its various sounds are quite similar to sounds found in the percussive world. Architek Percussion performs 11 texts from Zig Bang along with 11 corresponding miniatures by composers such as Lukas LIGETI, Patrick HART, Harry STAFYLAKIS, Stine SORLIE, Hugo HARMENS, and Jason SHARP.